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Started with a vision of beautiful genuine Vietnamese cuisine.

Bánh Mì Très Bon's dream is to provide authentic Vietnamese, through traditional techniques and return to classic recipes.


We needed to travel backwards—all the way back to the basics.

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We've learned from our families generations past that complexity has nothing to do with Vietnamese cuisine—a reminder that simplicity is at the heart of the food. 

With that thought, we stripped away all the "fussiness" and "fusion" and focused on elevating the ingredients and letting them shine. What you will find is pure and genuine Vietnamese food created with the greatest intent to offer our guests fresh, while maintaining familiar flavours that will delight the palette.

France played a significant role influencing our cuisine with the presence of the French baguette, pastries, and pate. Along with the food, the French inspired us to eat with our eyes, creating respect for how the food was prepared and how it was presented.

Our bánh mì bread is house made, using a traditional recipe found in central Vietnam. To achieve the original Bánh Mì bread, a trip to study and learn the traditional techniques was critical for our vision. 

The bread has a golden brown crust with a light and airy crumb; a scent that can only be achieved by the combination of hand rolling and shaping for each individual baguette.

It is with much pride and care that we offer the truest bánh mì and the finest made in-house proteins and condiments for our guests to enjoy.


Along with the bánh mì bread, serving authentic Vietnamese phở was integral when we opened to the doors for Bánh Mì Très Bon. Our phở comes from the genuine techniques of central Vietnam, learned during a trip to study the classic recipes.

Its golden broth can only be created by simmering beef bones, freshly toasted onions + ginger, and a variety of toasted spices for hours on end, until the perfect flavour emerges.

Whether it's our Bánh Mì or the aroma of our phở that brings you in, we welcome you.  

Meet the Team

Lan D.

“Simplicity is the essence of sophistication”



Lan is the 7th in a family with 8 children. She grew up with an abundance in wisdom and guidance from her siblings. The two constants that guided them all were her parents. They forged a path forward as entrepreneurs, stoking the embers of ambition through being the great example and inspiration that Lan saw them to be. That planted a seed in her mind. One that would grow and map her trajectory into the Food and Hospitality industry. As she has navigated this space, many lessons have been learned and the most critical one being how passionate she is about this industry.


It can be easy to get lost in the minutia of running a business. To get mesmerized by the potential and where things could lead. While looking up, we can end up forgetting about where that seed of purpose has anchored itself. That seed was planted by the example Lan’s parents set, nourished by their guidance, found its roots deep in her values. Despite the complex decisions, systems and situations that arise, the essence of it all is always simple. The purpose, while it can evolve to become more grand and ambitious is founded on something simple. For Lan, that essence lies in fostering creativity and building a sense of community. Through chasing our ambitions, while the goals may be simple, the passion, humility and diligence manifest a result that communicates our purpose in ways we could never have imagined. Always embrace simplicity’s elegance.


Join Our Team


At Bánh Mì Très Bon, it's not just about work.

We believe in creating deep connections and relationships among our staff and guests. These are the key foundations Bánh Mì Très Bon was built on.


Our team consists of open-minded individuals who are seeking a place of community and growth. If this is something that interests you, please send us your resume and cover letter!

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