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About Us


Our Vision

We knew that we wanted simplicity to define our food and for sophistication to be echoed through our presentation.  With that, the seed of Bánh Mì Très Bon was planted.  Before we could move forward and nurture that idea, we needed to travel backwards - all the way back to the basics.  
     Food can have too many components, be overdressed and be over-thought and complex.  We've learned from our families generations past that complexity has nothing to do with Vietnamese cuisine-a reminder that simplicity is at the heart of the food.  With that thought, we stripped away all the "fussiness" and "fusion" and focused on elevating the ingredients and letting them shine.  What you will find is pure and genuine Vietnamese food created with the greatest intent to offer our guests fresh, while maintaining familiar flavours that will delight the palette.   
     We also considered do we maintain the integrity of the food and create the sophistication we envisioned?  We looked at our history.  France played a significant role influencing our cuisine with the presence of the French baguette, pastries, and pate.  Along with the food, the French inspired us to eat with our eyes, creating respect for how the food was prepared and how it was presented.
     With the influences from France impacting Vietnamese cuisine, the integration of both cultures melded seamlessly in our vision.  Thus, as our guest, we hope to entice you through your senses and charm you through your experience at Bánh Mì Très Bon .


Welcome to Bánh Mì Très Bon

Farm to Table. Healthy Choices. Freshness. 
~Eating clean is our passion and quality is our focus.
     Bánh Mì Très Bon is offering the original Bánh Mì bread found in central Vietnam. The bread has a golden brown crust with a light and airy crumb and a scent that can only be achieved by a combination of traditional techniques-involving hand rolling and hand shaping each baguette individually. It is with much pride and care that we offer the truest bánh mì and the finest made in-house proteins and condiments for our guests to enjoy.  
     At Bánh Mì Très Bon, we will serve phở​ authentic to what you would find in a Vietnamese home.  Recreating phở in its truest form is a tedious experience, however, the end product is overwhelmingly satisfying and delicious.  Its golden broth can only be created by simmering beef bones, freshly toasted onions and ginger, and a variety of toasted spices for hours on end until the perfect flavour emerges.  Whether it's our Bánh Mì or the waft of our phở that brings you in, we welcome you.  

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